KentCAD Plant Utilities

for AutoCAD® 2006/2007/2008/2009/2010*


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KentCAD Plant Utilities is a suite of programs that speeds and simplifies the process of adding plants to your AutoCAD® drawing.  The Plant Insertion program lets you select plants from a database and then drag and drop plant symbols representing those plants into your drawing.  The Groundcover Calculator program lets you add groundcover plantings to planting areas that you create in your drawing.  The program automatically calculates how many flats of the groundcover will be needed.  The Groundcover Plant Calculator program gives you this same ability, but with individual plants that you choose rather than flats of groundcover, allowing you to use any kind of plant in a planting area.  The Plant Labeling program lets you add a text label to any plant or planting area, and it automatically identifies the plant for you.  The Extract Attributes program creates an Excel spreadsheet that contains all of the plants you have added to the drawing.  The spreadsheet automatically counts the plants, and you can sort them in various ways.  The Insert Planting Table or Legend program places your spreadsheet data into a table in your drawing.  It can also create a legend, making it easy to identify which symbol represents which plant.  The Database Utilities programs let you create your own databases to use with all the KentCAD programs.

KentCAD Plant Utilities requires AutoCAD® versions 2006 through 2010, plus Microsoft Office® versions 10 (Office XP) through 12 (Office 2007).  KentCAD Plant Utilities works with Microsoft XP® and Vista® 32 bit operating systems. We're currently working on a 64 bit Vista® version.

*AutoCAD® 2010 requires VBA Enabler, available from Autodesk, to support KentCAD Plant Utilities.