KentCAD Plant Insertion Program

The KentCAD Plant Insertion Program provides you with an easy to use tool for placing trees and other plants in your AutoCAD drawing.  To add a plant, you simply drag the plant image you choose from the Plant Palette into the drawing.  The Plant Insertion Dialog (below) appears on the screen.

From the Plant Insertion Dialog you can:


Selecting and Placing the Plant

To select a plant, choose a plant symbol from the Plant Palette (at the left side of the top figure above) and either double click or drag the symbol from the palette onto the drawing.  The Plant Insertion Dialog (right side immediately above) automatically appears on the screen.

First, choose the plant type from the radio buttons on the left of the dialog.  Then choose the specific plant from the Botanical Name or the Common Name list, and finally the size of the plant you want from the Planting Size list.  The Insertion Diameter displayed is a suggested size which you can change when you actually place the plant in the drawing.

To complete the process, click the Locate Symbol button at lower right.  The dialog disappears, and you can specify where in the drawing to place the plant and how large you want it to be.


Selecting a Different Plant Database

To choose a different plant database, click the Open New Database File button on the Plant Insertion Dialog.  The Select Plant Database File dialog (below) allows you to choose the file.

Once you find your file and click Open, the name of your plant database will appear at the top of the Plant Insertion Dialog and the plants will appear in the appropriate boxes.