Lance Gordon Custom Software

Specializing in Custom AutoCADŽ Applications

QuickPlot Utility for AutoCADŽ QuickPlot (left) plots with your system default printer and paper size.  It plots to Extents by default, but Plot Window and Quick Rotation are readily available.  No more "Plotter -- NONE" when plotting a drawing from somebody else!  All from a single dialog box!
CloseFiles Utility for AutoCADŽ Toolbar Finder for AutoCADŽ

CloseFiles (above) allows you to close as many files as you want at one time -- or simply to switch from one drawing to another.

Toolbars (right) displays a list of all currently defined toolbars.  Selecting one places it in the middle of the screen for you to move it anywhere you like.  If you choose a toolbar that someone dragged off the screen by accident, it pops back on when you choose it!

Other LGCS Utilities Examples